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lease to own homes in Miami
Our property types vary from “fixer upper” “rehab” type properties to nice “landlord, rental income” properties in great neighborhoods across 3 Counties.

Sophisticated wholesalers understand the power of a Joint Venture, also known as a Partnership or Co-Wholesaling. You see, here at The Home Seller Network we often asked by fellow wholesalers to advertise their deals to our extensive list of South Florida cash buyers by direct email and this website.

Now, we would usually only offer this service if specially asked by a colleague we know. However now, the market has changed and our buyers are more hungry than ever for deals…more that we can keep up with these days. To feed their need, we are proud to announce our Joint Venture Program open to the public, yes, that means YOU.


We will contact you shortly after reviewing the property details.


 We look forward to working with you!

– The Home Seller Network, LLC